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You are applying for Second Valid Passport

Select this process if you currently have a valid, 10-year US passport and need to apply for a second one for security or other reasons.


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Complete Second Valid Passport Application Form (DS-82)


Complete, print, and sign ONLINE application form (DS-82) now by clicking on the link below

                       Complete the Form DS-82 Online     

  • Please apply for a Passport Book.
  • Please do not mail this form to the National Passport Center but to  APVI. (Address provided after Step 3 with order confirmation number)
  • After completing and printing this form, please close the window and return to the passport instructions


Your Valid US Passport


Your valid US passport must have at least one year of validity left.


One Passport Photo


The passport photo has to meet Passport Agency Regulations.

                 Where can I have my passport photos Taken?


Second Valid Passport Request Letter


Please write a letter addressed to the "Department of State" requesting a second valid passport. The letter must be written directly from you to the Passport Office.  Include the following details:

·         Your full name, and complete contact information (telephone number, address, email, etc.)

·         Detailed reason for needing a second valid passport. (For example: need to travel to both Arab countries and Israel; need to process multiple visas the same time; need to apply for a visa, while traveling at the same time.)

·        Proof that supports the reason for needing a second valid passport. (For example: itinerary showing upcoming travel to both Arab countries and Israel; itinerary showing need to process multiple visas at the same time or needing to process visas while traveling on another trip.)

·         Your signature

Click here for a sample letter

     If the passport is needed for business travel, please also include a substantiating business letter from your company. Note:  The company letter does NOT replace the letter that is needed from the applicant to the passport office.  


APVI Letter of Authorization


Print TWO DUPLICATE ORIGINALS of APVI letter of authorization (LOA). The letters have to be manually signed in blue ink.

                                     APVI (LOA)          


Evidence of Travel (Only for Emergency and Urgent Service)


If you are applying for Emergency or Urgent Service (1-3 days processing), you must provide TWO COPIES of ONE of the following:


Government Fees


If you applied ONLY for a PASSPORT BOOK, write one check or money order for exactly $170 payable to: "US Department of State."  

  • All personal checks must have a printed address.
  • Please write your Name and Date of Birth on the Memo Line. 
  • The government does not accept credit card payment for these fees. 
  • If you applied for BOTH A PASSPORT BOOK AND A PASSPORT CARD, write your check or money order for exactly $200 payable to "US Department of State."NoteThe passport card cannot be expedited. It will be sent to you via regular mail within 8 weeks from the U.S. Department of State.


Fill In Order Form

Fill In Order Form

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